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Phoenix Youth Chapter at the Discover India Festival

The Akshaya Patra Phoenix Youth Group held a fundraiser at the Discover India festival this year on November 11, 2017. We had a booth that had carnival games for children, face painting, and Henna. There was also lots of preparation put into the event, as a group, we had conference calls every week prior to the event, and we met a day before the event to make sure we had sufficient supplies to last us. At the event, we got there early to set up our table before the crowd started to come. Our table had two main games, fish pong and darts, and prizes were given out to children who won. We also had face painting and henna going on at the same time to try to appeal to all people at the event. In total, we raised $1493 at the event, but with the money we put in to the games, our net profit came out $1193.



Phoenix Youth Ambassador Chapter Holds Walkathon to Raise Funds for Akshaya Patra

Youth Chapter Raises Funds to Provide 54,000 school meals!