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Philadelphia PA Volunteer Chapter

Our Philadelphia Chapter is launched! Join a growing community of change-makers and support Akshaya Patra's school meal program.

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Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Following our excellent kickoff meeting on June 26th, we have established an online campaign for Akshaya Patra Philadelphia chapter with a goal of supporting 10,000 children over the next year. This is an achievable yet ambitious goal for our young chapter.  

We were extremely encouraged with the energy regarding getting our youth  involved in the Akshaya Patra effort. Please be on the lookout for a date in  early August for an open forum to discuss youth programs so that our Youth  Ambassadors can get equipped with knowledge and tools to create their own  campaigns when they get back to school in September. 

We have established a Facebook page for the Greater Philadelphia Chapter. Please like the page to keep updated on upcoming activities: