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Feed the Future: An Introduction to Akshaya Patra

"I love the food that is given here in the Akshaya Patra meal. It motivates me to come to school." Bhabhani Behera, Student in Primary School, Puri
Too many of India's children are forced to choose food over education

Rather than attend school, many children must work to earn their daily meal. The result? Poor health and educational outcomes that trap them in the cycle of poverty.


We serve wholesome meals to 1.7 million schoolchildren every day

Our meals give children an incentive to attend school and provide them with the nutrients growing children need to succeed.             

To make a big impact, we needed big kitchens

With more than 1/3 of all children in India suffering from malnourishment, making an impact is no easy task. So we designed high-tech, high-yield kitchens that have allowed us to grow exponentially. 

  • 100,000 meals

    produced by each kitchen

  • 60,000 chapatti

    are prepared in one hour

  • 34 kitchens

    across India serve 1.6 million children


We can feed one child for an entire year with just $20

Our government partners provide cash and grain subsidies that cut our cost per meal by over a half!  This partnership, combined with our innovative service model, allows us to scale our impact.


Our meals are changing outcomes for millions of children and their families

Increased enrollment, especially for girls. Lower drop out rates. Better academic performance. Better health. 

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