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Indian Wedding & Cultural Festival Launch Event

On Monday, July 7th the Denver, Colorado Chapter held a launch event for the Indian Wedding & Cultural Festival Event to be held on July 19th at 5:00PM.  

The Denver Youth Chapter at the Launch Event

The Denver Youth Chapter at the Launch Event


UPCOMING EVENT: Indian Wedding & Cultural Festival


July 19th, 2014 5:00PM at Denver's City & Coucil Building


Thank you and Congratulations, Bhawana Mohan!

Bhawana Mohan is graduating from the University of Colorado, Denver, and is fundraising for Akshaya Patra in honor of the occassion! Read her personal message below:

"As many of you know my graduation is coming up soon, and if you didn't now you know.  I will be graduating May 17, 2014 from the University of Colorado, Denver with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biology and Ethnic Studies.  Education has provided me with a platform to further my future. I wanted to pay it forward and help fund-raise for the many who are not as fortunate as I have been. So, help me fund-raise $255.00 dollars; which will provide meals for a whole year for 17 kids. It only take $15.00 to feed a child for a whole school year in India! If you have any questions, comments, and concerns please let me know.  

Also, a special thanks to Gyanidhi Foundation and Sanskriti (Kriti) Saxena, Youth Ambassador, Akshaya Patra Denver Chapter for being an inspiration. Here is the link to the Gyanidhi Foundation: http://www.gyanidhi.org/"

Bhawana has already far exceeded her goal, and raised $1,011! Help her celebrate her graduation with a donation that will provide Food for Education to children in India!