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Unlimited food for education

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Create your own fundraising page in support of food for education!
  1. Choose a goal & campaign type
  2. Set up a user account
  3. Review & personalize your page

Personal Campaign

Start a personal campaign and recruit friends and family to support you as you raise money for Akshaya Patra children. Whether in honor of a birthday, wedding, or holiday the money you raise will ensure hunger is not a barrier to education for these children.

  • Birthday: Create a personal campaign to mark the occasion! You can ask friends and family to donate meals for children in lieu of gifts!
  • Wedding: Provide meals for Akshaya Patra children on your wedding day. Guests can donate to your personal campaign in lieu of wedding presents or donate the price of wedding favors to Akshaya Patra in honor of your guests!
  • Holiday: Celebrate the warmth of the holidays by raising money for underpriveleged children in India. It is a great way to bring together family and friends for a good cause. Or ask for donations in lieu of holiday gifts!

Personal campaigns are also a great way to raise money for Akshaya Patra for marathons and lemonade stands. Whatever your campaign, the funds you raise will provide food for education to deserving children across India.

Targeted Campaigns

Support Akshaya Patra as we raise money for critical infrastructure for our program in India. Choose one of our drives and you can create a targeted campaign. Deadline disclaimer.