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Phoenix Youth Chapter holds Walkathon

The Akshaya Patra Youth Chapter has been in operation for the last 4 years. On the 31st of Jan 2016 the youth group organized a Fundraising Walkathon at the Kiwanis park between 9 AM and 11AM. A lot of planning and hard work went into making this event a success. Many different ways were used to create awareness and encourage people to sign up for the event such as flyers at stores and school bulletin boards, e-mail invites, paperless post invitations and word of mouth information. Reminders were sent 48 hours in advance of the event. On the day of the event a sponsored bagel breakfast as well as an Indian breakfast along with water and juice was arranged which were all sponsored by local stores. There were many participants from the age of 2 to 60 years of age and all had the same enthusiasm to walk around the beautiful lake. After the walk while participants enjoyed the wonderful breakfast the youth chapter officers took this opportunity to thank the donors as well as the parents who helped with organizing the event. They also briefly explained the activities and achievements of Akshaya Patra and how their donations would be used. This event was very successful and more than $2500 was collected and everybody felt that this should be an annual event.

Akshaya Patra Phoenix Youth Chapterhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/uxVx54e1FTi_m9p2yRDsTYWpId5ZxIXSn1MNAxgBDKH98S0WweX9LSjCGl4OZfM9ZnAgW3h0Y1htA2zEqZgoq0jMVzxT79RuXcBeYGGuSEYF-fU86PVVjyuylvuv-AdqCXRlvNoj

Registration at the Walkathon


Participants walking around the Lake