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About Youth Ambassadors

Akshaya Patra is looking for driven, motivated youth activists, like you, who are passionate about creating a more just world for themselves and others. This is a voluntary role which is open to junior or high school students living anywhere in the United States. As a Youth Ambassador you will develop new skills while working to expand the reach of Akshaya Patra. The program offers the unique opportunity for youth leaders to build leadership, networking, and public presentation skills while improving the lives of  over 1.6 million children in India.

As a Youth Ambassador, you will:

  • Use Virtual classrooms to learn skills in public speaking, networking, donor cultivation, and fundraising;
  • Make presentations and enroll new donors;
  • Help Akshaya Patra build a grassroots movement in the US.

Qualifying Graduates will receive:

  • Community Service credit, references, and  letters of recommendation;
  • An invitation to participate in a Service Trip to Akshaya Patra's school meal program in India in summer of the year the $1,800 goal is reached.

Program Expectations:

Program Commitment:

The Youth Ambassador Program empowers high school and junior high school students to become representatives for Akshaya Patra in their communities.  Each Ambassador has the goal of raising $1,800 in donations for Akshaya Patra.

Time Commitments:

  • This is a rolling admission program; Ambassadors can flex the timeline to meet their schedule and "graduate" when they reach their goal of $1,800.
  • Virtual Training Academies available on this website;
  • An optional India service trip


Applications for Admission to the Youth Ambassadors Program are on a rolling basis.  Applicants can apply any time.  A Youth Ambassador is considered to have graduated when they reach their goal of $1,800.